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CICERO Premiere at 54. International Film Festival Hof 23./24. Oct. 2020 


Up-coming international serial productions 2021 |                      Latemar Film successfully received the world-wide serial rights of bestseller                                            THE PACT |              as well as the serial rights of the renowned bestseller book series                                          MADAME LE COMMISSAIRE by Pierre Martin

Cinema portrait of the outstanding musicians ROGER & EUGEN CICERO  directed by KAI WESSEL [received the German Director´s Award 2017] could be finished in September 2020 despite the Corona crisis

Producer/ CEO Katharina Rinderle as Jury member for BEST FOREIGN FILM of the German OSCAR candidate 2020 | Congratulations to the SYSTEM-SPRENGER team and Nora Fingscheidt

Cooperation with Max Ophüls Festival 2018 and Producer`s Alliance Germany | Panel: "Snares" and challenges of Film Producing 

LATEMAR FILM and PRODUCER`S ALLIANCE Germany on Film industry panel: "Visions of future and times of changes" during MAX OPHÜLS FESTIVAL 


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